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Who I am

Once they asked me to write a story and when I finished it I realized that I had written my life experience, it said something like this….

Once upon a time there was a girl who felt misunderstood, lonely and sad. She felt that no one around her took her into account, she was invisible to everyone. She did not understand why she did not get to share with her family and friends; she had different tastes, also very different interests, which made her feel more and more removed from the world that in her eyes was difficult and cruel. She dreamed of a fairy tale world where everything was wonderful and simple.

After experiencing a terrifying situation, he decided to visit the forest, he needed to be in contact with nature, talk to the trees about his pain, his fears, about everything he kept and had no one to share with... he began to go deeper and deeper into the forest , feeling how the trees understood her, how they listened to her, how she could feel herself there. Sitting under an old tree, she began to see colored lights that were approaching her, she doubted if it could be her own imagination that was showing her those lights, but after a few seconds she was able to verify that they were small fairies that were approaching her. She felt completely surprised to see herself surrounded by so much magic, so much affection, so much love. Among all her fairies, a special fairy approached her, it was the medicine fairy, and she began to explain why she had felt so different all those years.

She was also a fairy who had lost her identity to please the world and not feel abandoned, she dreamed of a wonderful world because that was her real world, it came from her memories and from everything she already knew.

The medicine fairy told her that she had had to live all those past experiences to gain enough momentum to enter the forest without fear, it was the only way to cross the door to the magical world of fairies. Now she was already there, prepared to recover her identity and to be able to enjoy that special environment. Before giving him back his identity, the medicine fairy made him promise that from that moment on he would promise to sow magic in all the people he met, to teach them to free themselves from their pain, their fears, their limitations, and This is how the fairy therapist Oli was born, who today feels happy to be able to sow magic in the hearts and minds of the people who accompany her.

I define myself this way because for many years in the world of work and years of training I could not find myself feeling satisfied with what I was doing, because being successful sometimes does not mean feeling fulfilled and that happened to me. I ran 12,000 kilometers from my house to live an experience that changed my life and I realized that I was running away from myself, that everything that I did not like about my environment was inside me and that was when I began to enter that forest. that made me the person I am today. After many years of searching and introspection, I once again lived the hardest experience of my life, thanks to the fact that I was already receiving training as a therapist at the National Association of Therapists in Emotional Freedom Techniques, who accompanied me and guided me to face that moment that would have happened. broken my life forever. I have experienced the therapy process on my own skin on several occasions and never before had I felt so much well-being, which is why I dedicate myself completely to accompanying and guiding everyone to find their emotional balance.

I am super grateful and happy to be able to help you, it will be a simple and pleasant path in which I will accompany you

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         I will be with you…

I accompany you to resolve any discomfort that is conditioning your life through the release of emotions at an unconscious level.

Olivia Mirallas, emotional balance therapist.
Good management of emotions is key to being happy; recover peace and well-being to create the life you want.




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